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Welcome to MobiQuest

MobiQuest was founded in August 2008. The company uses the mobile device to create the largest ecosystem of performance advertising, last mile data capture and data analytics in both digital and offline world.

Millions of consumers today use MobiQuest platforms to be connected with their favorite brands, their dealers, agents, managers and constantly get just the right offers / information anytime, anywhere.

Today more than 100 brands / companies use MobiQuest platforms to have one-one connect with their consumers based on actual real time data coming from their Point of Sales (POS).

Precision Marketing or performance advertising is the most influential and effective form of Marketing in the current age. Both these are completely dependent on actual purchase triggers coming directly from Point of Sale. Mapping customer behavior consistently in a scientific manner results in trends that can assure a much higher ROI on your campaigns.

Our Vision

Our Innovations:

m'loyal Mobile Loyalty / CRM Platform - m'loyal is an innovative loyalty / CRM engine that connects with your Point of Sale to acquire, tag and recognize your consumers. m'loyal is one of its kind convergent media platform that connects offline, online, mobile and social media. m'loyal consumer app today is the most downloaded loyalty app. Features like personalized m- commerce, basket, video / audio advertising makes it the most interactive and effective and one-one communication tool for brands.

m'loyal analytics / CRM engine is most advanced and combined with campaign manager, it provides real power to brand managers for targeted communication. m'loyal today powers the most effective cross promotion ecosystem that can allow brands to redeem points across many other brands, thus giving the consumer a wide choice and bring more relevance to their loyalty / engagement programs

m'apps last mile data capture platform - Capturing data at last mile has always been a challenge for the industry. Internet could not solve the issue. The availability of data everywhere and power of the mobile device, this is now possible. m'apps helps capture last mile data using mobile devices, real t me synchronization to the server and enables business to do strong data analytics and manage sales force, dealers, customers much more efficiently.

Traditional industries need loyalty, want to do customer connect, need to track dealers / agents, but are not able to do this efficiently due to paucity of real time data. m'apps enables industries to capture, analyze and act in real time.

The Team

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Our team is a great mix of experience and youth. Our top management today has an overall experience of 60+ years. Our teams are led by hands-on senior people from the industry who are skilled and experts in their domain. Our technology teams are led by Industry stalwarts who have won many awards for their excellent contribution to technology projects.

We have a strongly knit team that believes in our goals and objectives. We have all been working together for several years now and are proud of our initiatives in the mobile space. Our teams work hard, work smart and innovate every day for us to create path breaking technology platforms that today run on the field managing millions of consumers and 100s of organizations.