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Loyalty Programs - Simplifying Customer Connect

A period, little over than a decade is adequate to explain the remarkable growth in mobile phone connections in India. One million connections in 1998 took a meteoric rise to register 752 million by the end of 2010. Such a phenomenal growth is now being leveraged as an effective business model to initiate mobile driven customer loyalty programs across industries.

m’loyal is the World’s most comprehensive mobile loyalty program used to Acquire, Reward, Engage customers. Today, there are more than 75 brands and over Rs. 5000 crore of purchases to the credit of m’loyal mobile loyalty platform.

the biggest beneficiaries of any mobile driven campaign to connect with customers. The idea behind driving the customer to a retail outlet for repeat sales seems to have found the right chord with retailers across the country. With a large number of retail players in the picture, keeping a stack of plastic loyalty cards no longer appeals to the customer.

There are an ‘n’ number of different possibilities that you can explore to drive forward your retail business by marrying the benefits of a customer loyalty program with the power of a mobile phone.


Aquire reward and engage your customers

Transition from satisfied to loyal customers has to be a prime objective of an organization. Rising customer defection makes it all the more important to adopt a ‘customer first’ approach. Introduce sound customer experience management strategies to bridge the gap between what customers really want vis-à-vis what they are presently being served with.

m'loyal is an inimitable convergent media platform that connects offline, online, mobile and social media in a seamless manner. Implement this award winning platform to deliver top-notch customer service levels at all times. Regain focus on your core competency areas by implementing sound business strategies to acquire, reward and engage your customers like never before.


Mobilizing data to transform business

m’apps is an exceptional enterprise app creator for Last Mile Data Capture. It is a proven industry solution that works seamlessly on mobile devices for diverse industries including but not limited to BFSI, Market Research, Retail, Healthcare, Telecom, FMCG and Logistics.

A unified business platform modeled on a robust ERP and CRM platform like m’apps can help eliminate the need of IT vendors, leverage mobile as a productivity tool, generate carbon credits by doing away with paper use and a lot more.