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    MobiQuest's M'Loyal platform bags award
    For best Digital & Mobile Marketing Platform in Retail

  • News Flash

    Indian Brands deploy Mobile Loyalty Platform
    indian Brands are willing to go that extra mile to acquire new customers

  • News Flash

    m'loyal Launches
    Mobile Based Customer Loyalty Platform for Malls

  • MobiQuest's M'Loyal platform bags award for best

    NEW DELHI, November 27, 2011: MobiQuest, a leading enterprise mobility solutions company, proudly announced that its flagship mobile loyalty platform - M'Loyal was awarded the best Digital & Mobile Marketing Platform in Retail at World Brand Congress / Digital & Mobile Summit in Mumbai.
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  • Indian Brands deploy Mobile Loyalty Platform

    Increasing activity in the Indian Retail Sector is invoking brands to take note of customer preferences and build their own loyal customer base. Indian consumer is becoming savvy, is conscious about his preferences and is ever more demanding.
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  • m'loyal Launches Mobile Based Customer Loyalty Platform for Malls

    m'loyal, the leading mobile based customer loyalty platform in the country, launched a new version specifically for Malls.
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  • Mobile Loyalty Cards for Shoppers

    Plastic cards are a thing of the past. Mobile phone is taking over every aspect of your life. Retailers are now taking customer loyalty to a new level and constant customer engagement is the key focus. Consumer's mobile phone can play a huge role in creating a highly interactive and engaging customer loyalty program.
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  • No more plastic cards. Mobile Loyalty cards are here!

    MobiQuest, Noida based mobile enterprise process automation company launches mobile loyalty cards. You do not need to carry plastic cards any more. Your loyalty card would lie in your phone.
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  • MobiQuest gets Award for Sectoral Excellence in Telecom

    Enterprise VAS is fast becoming a key focus area for Telecom operators, mobile phone manufacturers and ISVs. Demand from corporate world is increasing as more and more companies realize the benefit of using the ubiquitous mobile phone to automate their field / supply chain operations.
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  • VLCC Launches Mobile Loyalty Program "Way of Life"

    Loyalty Programs have been a key marketing strategy for brands in across the globe. From punched cards to buy 1 get 1 free offers and frequent flier programs, brands have used many tactics to increase repeat purchase and their loyal customer base.
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  • Select Citywalk launches Customer Rewards Program on m'loyal

    Select Citywalk, the leading high-end shopping mall in Delhi, has launched an innovative customer rewards program. The mall has premium target audience and gets large foot falls. Converting these foot falls to sales is a key objective of the mall.
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  • m'loyal Mobile Loyalty Platform takes center stage in India

    India is witnessing huge change in consumer demographics. Indian consumer is becoming more demanding and is now much more aware. Customer loyalty and retention are key challenges facing the retail industry.
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  • Mumbai Angels Invests In Noida-Based Mobile App Company Mobiquest

    Mumbai Angels, a leading group of angel investors in India, has invested in Mobiquest, a Noida based mobile enterprise platform company. The company uses software-as-a-service model to provide mobile based enterprise business automation applications. The company claims that it has created more than 50 mobile applications across industries till now.
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  • Mobiquest - Mobile Enterprise Process Automation Solutions

    Mobiquest is a mobile application development company that offers mobile based enterprise process automation applications.
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  • MobiQuest Launches M'Apps Platform On Demand Enterprise Mobile App Creator

    MobiQuest, the leading mobile enterprise apps company based out of Noida, announced the launch of M'Apps platform. M'Apps automates last mile data capture using mobile devices.
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  • MobiQuest bags Global Leadership Award 2009

    MobiQuest Mobile Technologies was awarded the prestigious  Amity Global Leadership Award  2009 on September 19, at the Global Leadership Summit held at Amity, Noida.
    The award was presented to MobiQuest CEO, Mr Vineet Narang for Sectoral Excellence in Telecom. The company has been a pioneer in enterprise mobility and has 6 mobile automation products in the market and over 50 industry specific mobile solutions.
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